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Mercado Pago on WooCommerce

The Mercado Pago module for WooCommerce allows you to expand the functionalities of your online store and offer a unique payment experience for your customers.

If you already use WooCommerce to create e-commerce sites in WordPress, one of the most popular content managers worldwide, you can count on our module to add a trusted payment processor on your website or that of your clients.

What can I do with Mercado Pago on WooCommerce

Install the payment processor in WooCommerce and take your sales to another level with the best shopping experience:

Characteristics Description
Installments Sell in installments and offer the promotions you want.
Money release Instantly or with the rates and terms that best suit the business.
Payment methods Accept payments by credit and debit card, cash and payments with Mercado Pago account money.
Checkout types Mercado Pago Checkout, Custom Checkout
Payment as a guest Users don’t need to be registered in Mercado Pago in order to pay in WooCommerce.
Payment refunds Refund payments directly from the platform.
Payment cancellations Cancel the pending payments directly from the platform
Binary mode Approve or reject payments instantly and automatically.
Currency conversion No more compatibility issues. Convert the currency you use in WooCommerce to the currency of your Mercado Pago account.

Are you a developer? This guide is also designed to speed up the installation, integration and configuration of our module in the most recognized e-commerce platforms worldwide.


All our modules have an open source license. Do you want to participate in its construction? Suggest improvements and editions on Github.

Checkout types

With these payment options we cover the needs of each business. Review the features to choose which one best suits your business.

Characteristics Mercado Pago Checkout Custom Checkout
Payment methods Payments with cards, cash and money in Mercado Pago account. Payments with debit and credit cards or in-person payments.
Payment experience Your customers pay from the Mercado Pago page with a redirect (outside your store) or modal (inside your store) format. Your customers pay without leaving your online store.
Guest users Your customers can pay with or without an account in Mercado Pago. Your customers pay as guests, without a Mercado Pago account.

Check out the Mercado Pago Checkout documentation to learn more about all its characteristics and functionalities.

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