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Get store data

To get information about all stores that are linked to a specific user, perform a GET by sending the user_id and access_token (generated by the OAuth authentication process) to the /proximity-integration/users/{seller_id}/stores. See Security for more information about OAuth.

It is also possible to consult information for a specific store using its ID. To do this, perform a GET sending the store_id and access_token to the endpoint /proximity-integration/stores/{StoreID}.

This endpoint returns all data from the previous endpoint, plus information about the current ("enabled", "paused" or "disabled") store health status. See Change Store Status for more information about statuses.

You will also be able to consult the information of a store through its external ID, if it has one. For that, just send as request parameters the user_id related to the store, the external_id and the access_token. Check more information in the API Get store by external ID. .

To learn how to create an external ID for your store and use it as an identifier for the order management software system, access Change external store ID. .