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Import Catalog

To bulk import a catalog to multiple stores of the same user, make a POST request with the user's access_token in the header to the following endpoint /proximity/integration/v1/catalog. The access-token can be generated through the OAuth authentication process. Refer to the OAuth documentation for more information.

When inserting the IDs of the stores that will receive the catalog, include the external_ids. The external ID of a store can be configured through the endpoint /proximity-integration/stores/{StoreID}/external_id.

202 - SuccessAll requests were sent successfully.
206 - Partial ErrorSome requests were not sent correctly and contain an error.

In the Catalog API Reference documentation, you can find a complete description of the fields that can be sent in the request body.

As the catalog upload process is asynchronous, you should use the endpoint Check publication status to verify if the catalog was imported successfully. If there is an error in the validation of this publication, it is recommended to implement a retry mechanism.