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Check publication status

When importing a catalog, it is important to ensure that the process is completed successfully. To do this, make a GET request to the endpoint /proximity/integration/v1/catalog/{publication_id} with the following values:

  • publication_id: This information is obtained from the response of the catalog import endpoint.
  • access_token: This information should be included in the header. It corresponds to the user who received the publication. The access_token can be generated through the OAuth authentication process. Refer to the OAuth documentation for more information.

This endpoint can return the following states in the response:

processingThe catalog is being processed.
errorThe publication process was canceled due to an unrecoverable error.
successThe catalog has been published.
Since the catalog upload process is asynchronous, you should use the endpoint Check Publication Status to verify if the catalog was imported successfully. If there is an error in the validation of this publication, we recommend implementing a retry mechanism.