Prerequisites - Mercado Pago Delivery - Mercado Pago Developers
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To be able to integrate Mercado Pago Delivery with your POS, you must meet the requirements below.

Mercado Pago AccountIt is necessary for the integrator to have a Mercado Pago account to create an application. With an application you can configure your Webhook, to receive notifications of new orders, and generate your credentials. If you don't have one, check here to create it.
CredentialsThe credentials are unique passwords with which we identify an integration in your account, and which are used to capture payments in virtual stores and other applications securely.
Access TokenThrough the OAuth authorization protocol, each restaurant will be able to authorize the application that was created in the integrator's account to receive notifications of new orders. In addition, each restaurant will have an access token that will be used to carry out operations using the Mercado Pago Delivery APIs. Check OAuth to understand the authorization flow that must be done with the restaurants.