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Payment configuration

The integration of the Mercado Pago module with Tiendanube stores allows you to use two types of checkouts to receive payments for your sales, namely:

  • Checkout Pro: payment is made on the Mercado Pago page and buyers can pay using a Mercado Pago account, making it easier to pay with a credit card , debit and other means of payment (cash payment networks, ATM and Mercado Credit).
  • Checkout API: payment is made without leaving your virtual store using cards (credit and debit) and cash payment networks.
  • Installments without card: Mercado Pago’s financing method that allows paying in installments without having a card.
  • Discounts, installments, and interest: you have the flexibility to provide your customers with exclusive benefits, including credits, discounts, and special conditions, in a personalized and optional manner.