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Brand Brick

The Brand Brick communicates to the user advantages, conveniences, and information, such as: the available payment methods via Mercado Pago, accepted card networks, and the option to pay in installments with or without a credit card.

These factors, combined with the credibility of the Mercado Pago brand, instill confidence in the user, may encourage purchases, and consequently, increase user engagement with your store.

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The Brick is formed by highly customizable banners that can be applied to any page of an online store.

The banner is the initial element that communicates the value message to the user, with its basic structure consisting of an image, text, and a link that opens a pop-up with more information about the purchasing conditions (when applicable).

Various visual customizations are allowed to adapt to your store's style, and all displayed content is defined by choosing one of the five available value propositions described in the settings.

When integrating the Brick, ensure that there are no elements that may interfere with the pop-up.