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Build the visual experience of Brand Brick with the Demo

Brand Brick informs users about the benefits, conveniences, and essential payment details, including the various options available through Mercado Pago, such as accepted card flags and the convenience of installment options, both with and without a credit card.

Combined with the reputation of the Mercado Pago brand, the component of our Checkout Bricks instills confidence in users, potentially driving their purchasing decisions and strengthening the customer's bond with the store.

Now, with the Demo tool, you can customize and simulate the desired behavior for the Brand Brick according to the different functionalities and payment methods available, providing a real-time visual experience of the component.

During the configuration of the Brick, you can see how it looks on your computer or phone, and choose the language and style you want.

The tool also allows you to download or copy the generated code to add it directly to a website or share it with an integrator to facilitate your development journey.

Check out the Brand Brick Demo and integrate the component easily and quickly to further boost purchases with your Checkout Bricks.