Integrate Mercado Pago Point with a New Version of the Documentation

Mercado Pago aims to deliver the best and simplest experience in integrating our products, with Point being no exception.

The documentation's recent update provides a step-by-step guide on how to integrate each of our devices, along with enhanced clarity regarding how to process payments with the two available integration types.

What Has Changed?

You can now access the Types of Integration section to determine which integration to perform, based on the device you're working with. For more detailed information, specifics and prerequisites for each type are readily available.

Aiming to offer documentation that resonates closely with your experience, the sections Integrate via API for Point of Sale and Integrate via Bluetooth for Mobile Devices will guide you through an updated and detailed step-by-step process.

Specifically, when integrating via API as per our documentation, you'll receive support to configure your device in Point of Sale mode. Additionally, you'll be able to easily access our API Reference, thanks to links that will directly lead you to the necessary endpoint.

The Notification Configuration section is now even clearer, and upon completing your integration, you can test it using test accounts, guided by our updated documentation on the Point Simulator.

Integration for mobile devices via Bluetooth has also been enhanced: now you can understand in detail what it entails, what the necessary requirements for integration are, how to process your payments, and how to configure your notifications, a new feature that will allow you to maximize your integration by receiving alerts about generated payments.

Mercado Pago Point has been renewed to offer you the best experience, simplified and tailored to your needs. What are you waiting for to explore the new documentation?