Do you know Mercado Credits?


Mercado Credits is the buy now pay later of Mercado Pago solution that gives you access to sell to over 12 million people that already have a line of credit with us.

Our flexible payment options give your customers the possibility of buying what they want today, and paying for it in up to 12 installments. The purchase approval is immediate and guaranteed for your business. The total amount is credited to you in advance and your customers pay later.

No business risks, only benefits:
  • Mercado Credits has a customer base of over 12 million people with an available line of credit to use in your store.

  • No risks for you, since Mercado Credits covers any fraud or infringement attempt on the buyer’s side.

  • Your customers can buy in 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments and you receive the total amount immediately.

  • No extra costs, if your customers use Mercado Credits as payment method, you pay the same commission as if they were using account money in Mercado Pago.

  • Mercado Credits offers a simple and fast experience for your customers that can help you sell much more.


  • With the goal of creating a simpler purchase experience for your customers with our payment method, we created the Mercado Credits Button.

  • With this button your customers can immediately complete the purchase using our payment method. This development is currently available for: proprietary software SDK and Bricks, Vtex, WooCommerce, Nuvemshop and Adobe Commerce - Magento.

Important: Mercado Credits is only available in the Mercado Pago Pro Checkout, once the customer signs into their Mercado Pago account.

Don’t miss out on this video, where we explain what Mercado Credits is and how it works in more detail

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