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How to check logs

Logs help to have a better understanding of the support systems, as they allow reviewing the information returned in the integration of Mercado Pago with VTEX. This facilitates the comprehension of what happened in a transaction.

In addition, in case of modification or activation of new payment methods, they allow validating if everything is working as expected.

Eventually, the support team may request that you check and/or send logs to track necessary information. To access these logs, go to the administration panel of your VTEX store and click on Payments > Transactions. Then, look for the log that contains the response status and click on + Information.

ID10302316Mercado Pago transaction number.
Payment_method_idvisaPayment method.
Payment_type_idcredit_cardPayment method.
StatusauthorizedPayment status. When the status is rejected, it is very important to review the status_detail that specifies the reason for it.
Status_detailpending_capturePayment status detail.
External_reference503451VTEX identifier sent to Mercado Pago.
First_six_digits450995Credit card Bin.
Processing_modeagregadorPayment processing method.
You can get more detailed information on how to search for errors or problems in a transaction by accessing this document available on the VTEX website. For more information, access the link Results of creating a charge .