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Get payment


See all the information of a payment through the payment ID.
Request's parameters


Localization: pathUnique Payment Identifier, automatically generated by Mercado Pago
Response parameters
Localization: bodyUnique Payment Identifier, automatically generated by Mercado Pago
Localization: bodyPayment creation date.
Localization: bodyPayment approval date. A payment can be generated in an intermediate state and then approved, so the creation date will not always coincide with the Approval Date.
Localization: bodyDate on which the last payment event was recorded.
curl -X GET \
      '{id}' \
       -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN \
  "id": 1,
  "date_created": "2017-08-31T11:26:38.000Z",
  "date_approved": "2017-08-31T11:26:38.000Z",
  "date_last_updated": "2017-08-31T11:26:38.000Z",
  "money_release_date": "2017-09-14T11:26:38.000Z",
  "payment_method_id": "account_money",
  "payment_type_id": "credit_card",
  "status": "approved",
  "status_detail": "accredited",
  "currency_id": "BRL",
  "description": "Pago Pizza",
  "collector_id": 2,
  "payer": {
    "id": 123,
    "email": "",
    "identification": {
      "type": "CPF",
      "number": 19119119100
    "type": "customer"
  "metadata": {},
  "additional_info": {},
  "transaction_amount": 250,
  "transaction_amount_refunded": 0,
  "coupon_amount": 0,
  "transaction_details": {
    "net_received_amount": 250,
    "total_paid_amount": 250,
    "overpaid_amount": 0,
    "installment_amount": 250
  "installments": 1,
  "card": {}
1Params Error.
3Token must be for test.
5Must provide your access_token to proceed.
1000Number of rows exceeded the limits.
1001Date format must be yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ.
2001Already posted the same request in the last minute.
2002Customer not found.
2004POST to Gateway Transactions API fail.
2006Card Token not found.
2007Connection to Card Token API fail.
2009Card token issuer can't be null.
3000You must provide your cardholder_name with your card data.
3001You must provide your cardissuer_id with your card data.
3003Invalid card_token_id.
3004Invalid parameter site_id.
3005Not valid action, the resource is in a state that does not allow this operation. For more information see the state that has the resource.
3006Invalid parameter cardtoken_id.
3007The parameter client_id can not be null or empty.
3008Not found Cardtoken.
3009unauthorized client_id.
3010Not found card on whitelist.
3011Not found payment_method.
3012Invalid parameter security_code_length.
3013The parameter security_code is a required field can not be null or empty.
3014Invalid parameter payment_method.
3015Invalid parameter card_number_length.
3016Invalid parameter card_number.
3017The parameter card_number_id can not be null or empty.
3018The parameter expiration_month can not be null or empty.
3019The parameter expiration_year can not be null or empty.
3020The parameter can not be null or empty.
3021The parameter cardholder.document.number can not be null or empty.
3022The parameter cardholder.document.type can not be null or empty.
3023The parameter cardholder.document.subtype can not be null or empty.
3024Not valid action - partial refund unsupported for this transaction.
3025Invalid Auth Code.
3026Invalid card_id for this payment_method_id.
3027Invalid payment_type_id.
3028Invalid payment_method_id.
3029Invalid card expiration month.
3030Invalid card expiration year.
4The caller is not authorized to access this resource.
3002The caller is not authorized to perform this action.
2000Payment not found.