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SDK Section Update

With the aim of enhancing the development experience, we have restructured our SDK documentation. The restructuring simplifies access to our SDKs, enhances understanding of available functionalities, and ensures consistently updated and reliable documentation.

Easy Access through GitHub

We have centralized the libraries on GitHub to provide immediate access to the materials in alignment with the latest versions. This ensures that you're working with the most updated and reliable information.

Migration to the API Reference

We have initiated the migration of our SDKs to the API Reference. Endpoints for Payments, Preferences, and Cancellations are already available, making it easier for you to consult and utilize them.

Product-Specific SDKs

We have maintained the organization of product-specific SDKs (such as Checkout Pro, Checkout Transparente, Checkout Bricks, and others) within their respective integration guides. This optimizes access, understanding, and application of these tools.

We invite you to explore our new SDK Library and discover the improvements we have made, aimed at optimizing your integration process with our solutions.