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The step-by-step guide to integrate into VTEX stores has been updated

A new version of the documentation for integrating Mercado Pago in VTEX stores is now available. With it, you will have access to a new experience, adapted to your integration process and your needs as a dev.

Want to know what it's all about? Keep reading and we will tell you in detail.

Now you can quickly see the advantages of integrating with VTEX and the benefits that Mercado Pago checkouts have to offer on our new landing page.

Additionally, our restructuring will give you a navigation experience that fits your needs, as you will be able to find all the necessary steps for a correct and secure integration grouped together in one place.

You will also be able to access additional content that will provide you with complementary information, such as what are the most common errors that can occur when setting up the integration, or how to check logs to guarantee that your transactions are secure.

Finally, you can find out which payment methods are available at Checkout API and Checkout Pro within VTEX stores, and access a detailed and specific explanation for configuring each one, all based on an optimized and even more efficient experience.

If you've already integrated Mercado Pago into VTEX stores, this is your chance to get to know the updated guide and find out how to improve your experience even further. And if you haven't yet, what are you waiting for? Our new documentation will guide you to get the best results.