Have you ever read our FAQs?

In this article, we list the main FAQs we have on Mercado Pago so that you can use them whenever you need to find the solutions you are looking for. Check them out below.

What are FAQs?

FAQ, short for Frequently Asked Questions, is a page that has information about the main questions on a given topic.

On the Mercado Pago FAQs, you can find the main queries about your account and integrations.

Understanding its concept allows you to realize how important it is to refer to the FAQS to possibly find the solution you are looking for.

Which FAQs refer to Mercado Pago integrations?

Applications and Credentials:

Payment methods:


Which FAQs refer to the Mercado Pago account?

My account:


Partners Program:

Which FAQ refers to the Mercado Pago <Dev>Program?

Developer Program:

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