Sales report for Marketplace

Now, marketplaces that use the Mercado Pago鈥檚 split payment solution can reconcile the transactions from their resellers with the sales report.

This report is generated from a new application that needs to be integrated and configured on the marketplace platform.

Check out the new features:

  • Option to choose which data you would like to view, such as: transaction status, date range, etc.;

  • Create the report directly from your platform;

  • Define the frequency of receipt;

  • Download the file in .csv

Who can receive the sales report?

Only employees who have active emails registered in the application will receive the report.

How do I download the sales report?

  1. You will receive an e-mail to download the report at the scheduled time.

  2. Select the file format you want and you're done!

馃毃 Please note: the sales report is only available for marketplaces that use Mercado Pago鈥檚 split payment solution and can only be generated from an application that must be configured by a developer.

For more details, please check the documentation according to the solution you are using: