Frequent errors with Shopify payment plugins

We have received a few cases of integration errors with our Shopify plugin on our Support channel, but after analyzing them, we found out that the reason for these frequent errors was inconsistencies with other payment plugins used simultaneously.

Below we will show you the scenario we analyzed and instruct you on how to solve those issues.

Checkout with instabilities

If your Checkout page is presenting instabilities such as: at times the payment methods are displayed and sometimes they are not and/or, the payment methods are not displayed when the Checkout page loading process is complete, it might be because the script of another plugin is active on your website along with the Mercado Pago plugin, so one of them overrides the other, causing instabilities.

What are the most commonly used plugins that can cause this conflict?

According to surveys carried out with users who faced the same problems, we identified and listed the most used plugins:


✓ samurai

✓ yampi

✓ cartpanda

Note: there are many other plugins that can be used with Shopify, here we only listed the main ones.

When should I check if there is another plugin script on the website?

You must check whether there is another plugin script on your website when any instability happens on your Checkout. This is an unusual behavior, so we recommend checking your website according to the instructions below:

  • Open "Developer tools" and click on the "Network" tab. You will be able to find the script of the plugin you have already used as a payment gateway on the Checkout. E.g.

What should I do if there is another Checkout script on my website?

In case there is another Checkout script working with Mercado Pago plugin on your website, please follow these steps:

1. Block the script:

Still in the "Developer Tools", go to the "Network" tab and perform the following test for evidence:

Right-click on the script and block it in your browser. After that, the Mercado Pago Checkout should be displayed normally.

2. Disable the plugin

If the script of another plugin is still active, it is necessary to disable it through its settings.

If you do not remember having installed the other plugin or if it was done by a third party, please check the step above and search for the payment plugins mentioned at the beginning of the article (, samurai, yampi, cartpanda).

When you find it, you will need to activate or install, disable or uninstall it, according to the plugin documentation.

This is an important step if you want your Mercado Pago plugin to work properly again, because when it is incorrectly set up, it leaves traces of its codes throughout the website, and only when you disable/uninstall it is that when they are completely removed.

After performing that process, please run the test again to check if everything is working correctly, but you must remember not to use your personal details, otherwise an error will happen since it is not possible to make a payment on your behalf.

We hope this content helps you! If you want to exchange information with integrators like you, join our community on Discord.