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Where to find my credentials

Your credentials are the keys that we provided you so that you could make your integrations. They are available in your Mercado Pago account, in the Credentials section.

My credentials expired. How to renew them?

You can renew your credentials from the Credentials section.

For security reasons, the credentials expire but don't worry, you can renew them as many times as necessary.

Keep in mind that you have to replace the credentials you already used with the new ones.

I am already integrated and tested, how do I implement in production?

You must fill the form I want to go into production found in the Credentials section.

This form is necessary to make transactions with real money.

Keep in mind when completing the fields:

  • Document: refers to the type of document and the number without dots or bars.

  • Postal address: enter a contact e-mail of the site.

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