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Up to 12 installments without card with Mercado Pago

Mercado Crédito is the financing method provided by Mercado Pago, allowing your customers to pay in up to 12 fixed installments without the need for a credit card. With this option, your customers can make monthly payments directly from their Mercado Pago account using a debit card or available funds, or even with cash at Rapipago or Pago Fácil. The entire collection process is managed by Mercado Crédito, covering any attempts at fraud or non-compliance by the buyer.

By enabling Mercado Crédito directly in your checkout process, you reach over 12 million people with an active credit line at no additional cost. Additionally, you achieve an approximate approval rate of 98% in sales.

Activate Mercado Crédito as a payment method

To activate Mercado Crédito as a payment method in your store, follow these instructions:

  1. Update the Mercado Pago application from the Salesforce Marketplace. For instructions on how to do this, refer to our documentation.
  2. In the Salesforce admin panel, go to "Merchant Tools" and then "Ordering."
  3. Click on "Payment Methods" and look for the "Mercado Crédito" option. Activate it by selecting "Yes" in the "Enabled" column.

Ativar Mercado Credito

For more information, contact your commercial advisor for personalized assistance.

The timeframe to receive funds from purchases with Mercado Crédito is the same as for purchases with available funds in Mercado Pago.