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Go to production

When your integration is ready and you want to start receiving payments, activate your production credentials and replace the test ones.

Also, we recommend the following additional considerations.


To provide the best experience for both sellers and buyers, it is important to validate the quality of your integration according to Mercado Pago standards before going live.

The homologation process allows you to certify that your integration meets the necessary quality requirements. If any adjustments are needed, the process will suggest ways to optimize your development to receive real payments.

To measure the quality of your integration with QR Code, follow the steps below.

The homologation process must be performed for the application you created with your production credentials.
  1. Go to Your integrations in the top-right panel of the Devsite.
  2. Click on the application you created and select Measure quality to access the tool where you can perform your homologation.

App details inside the Developers Dashboard

  1. Follow the instructions provided by the homologation tool to complete the process. Please note that actions indicated as required must be completed to earn points that will improve the quality of your integration, while actions indicated as best practices are recommended but won't affect the score.
If you are part of our Assisted Portfolio, contact the Integrations team to carry out your homologation.

SSL Certificate

To ensure the security of your integration and protect the data involved in transactions, an SSL certificate is necessary.

This process aims to guarantee the security of your customer's data, comply with legal requirements in each country, and provide the best purchasing experience for your sales.

Although an SSL certificate may not be required during the testing phase, it is mandatory when going live.


Mercado Pago reports provide financial information to track account transactions, such as available balance, movements, and liquidity. This facilitates the reconciliation of sales and other operations with your internal management systems.

We recommend using the reports to improve your company's financial management once you go live.