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Receive payments

After performing the integration and testing, your store is ready to go into production. To start receiving payments you need to activate Production mode. To do this, follow the procedures below.

  1. On the Admin Panel of your Prestashop store, access the Modules and Services menu, find the Mercado Pago plugin and click on configure.
  2. On the plugin management screen, confirm that the production credentials are the same as the account that you get money from sales. This information can be viewed on your Dashboard.
  3. Then click on yes to activate Production mode.

Ready! The Mercado Pago plugin is ready to receive payments online.

With all the steps completed, your customers will be able to make purchases in your store. When performing a transaction, it is common for some messages to return with specific information about the purchase, as every sale generates a payment status that shows the status of the sale including confirmation, pending or rejection of payment and other important information about the transaction. For more information, access the Activities section of your Mercado Pago account.

There are some reasons that can directly impact the approval of payments in your store. See more information at Reasons for payment refusals .

Payment status