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Mercado Pago’s Split payments solution sales report

The Mercado Pago’s Split payments solution sales report provides a comprehensive view of transactions by linked sellers, available for download in both csv and json formats. This report details operations conducted during a specific time period, covering various transaction fees, settlement cases, financial blocking, and unblocking. It also contains essential data such as the total transaction amount, marketplace fee, Mercado Pago fee, and the total amount of received money.

This report can only be accessed through the API.

Downloading the report

To download the Mercado Pago’s Split payments solution sales report, you need to configure it via the API. This process can be done manually or automatically. However, in both options, some preliminary configurations are required, as outlined below.

  • Frequency.
  • List of email addresses that will receive the report.
  • List of columns or attributes to include.
Please note that report creation may take a few minutes, depending on the selected time interval. Once it's ready, we will provide a download link that you will receive via email or can access through the API.

Using the report

The report can serve as a reconciliation tool between the total transactions carried out by your linked sellers on our platform and your reconciliation systems or tools.

Upon creation, it provides detailed information such as dates, concepts, statuses, amounts, and fees for each transaction, along with the identification of the responsible seller. The report is especially useful for:

  1. Tracking sales by linked sellers during specific periods.
  2. Identifying sellers with a significant economic impact.
  3. Establishing preferential fees based on sales volume.
  4. Coordinating collaborative campaigns with sellers.
  5. Assessing the prevalence of different payment methods, such as debit, credit, and account balance.

We recommend using this report whenever you need a detailed financial reconciliation between two specific dates.