Terms and Conditions for Linked Accounts

1- Linked Accounts.

Two Mercado Pago Accounts may be linked to each other (“Linked Accounts”). One such account will be set up as the “Primary Account,” and the other as the “Secondary Account.” Linked Accounts shall be subject to the Mercado Pago’s Terms and Conditions of Use, except for matters specifically addressed in these Terms and Conditions.


2- Registration of Linked Accounts.

In order to set up Linked Accounts, it is mandatory to fill in the registration form, accepting Mercado Pago’s General Terms and Conditions of Use. The User owner of the Primary Account must request the creation of Linked Accounts, and Mercado Pago shall reserve the right to reject, without cause, any such request.


3- Operation of Linked Accounts.

3.1. Through the Primary Account, the User may generate Buy-Now Buttons associated with a Secondary Account. Any payments made through such buttons shall be credited: (i) fully to the Secondary Account, or (ii) proportionally (in equal parts or otherwise) to the Secondary Account and the Primary Account, as specified by the Primary Account’s User when generating the relevant Buy-Now Button (“Crediting Options”).

3.2. Each Buy-Now Button is independent of any others; accordingly, the Crediting Options may differ for the various payment buttons crated by the Primary Account’s User for the same Secondary Account. The Crediting Options are defined at the Primary Account’s User’s sole discretion; therefore, Mercado Pago has absolutely no involvement in their choice.

3.3. The User owner of the Primary Account may order the full or partial reimbursement of any payments credited to the Primary Account and/or the Secondary Account.

3.4. The costs associated with the Service provided by Mercado Pago will be fully or partially paid out of the Primary Account and/or Secondary Account, as per the options defined by the Primary Account’s User at the time of setting up the accounts.


4- Indemnification.

Without prejudice to the provisions on liability and indemnification contained in Mercado Pago’s General Terms and Conditions of Use, the User owner of the Primary Account shall indemnify Mercado Pago S.A. for, and hold it harmless from, any damage arising from and/or in connection with the operation of the Linked Accounts and the relationship between their owners and any third parties they may interact with.”


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