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How to integrate to Mercado Pago

We offer different options so you can build the payment solution that best suits your business.

We have tools that are ready to use, such as SDKs, payment links, modules or plugins. In addition, we have a flexible and robust API so you can create your own payment experience.

Checkout Pro

This option allows you to collect through our web form within the safe environment of Mercado Pago in a simple, fast and secure way

  • The best experience guaranteed. We offer you the best purchase experience from any mobile phone or computer with only one click, and even with the possibility of paying with 2 different cards.

  • Offer the best payment methods. We connect you with the payment methods most known by your buyers, without you doing anything and you can offer installments with no interest with the best financing.

  • We protect your money, always. You don't have to worry about anything. If there is a problem, we'll cover you with our Seller Protection Program.

Integrate Checkout Pro

Mobile Checkout

Unlike Checkout Pro, we facilitate the creation of a payment experience but from your application through our SDK. It is a simple and fast integration so you can offer the best experience and the best payment methods.

Integrate Mobile Checkout

Web Tokenize

It's the simplified version of the Checkout Pro with a renewed user experience.

  • Don't worry about the design. We provide you with a form with design and front-end ready for you to use.

  • We take care of your security. We capture the sensitive data of the cards within the secure environment of Mercado Pago, so that you can be PCI Compliant and that you can customize the entire process free of the complexities of security protocols.

  • You will always be up to date. You can offer your buyers an experience that Mercado Pago keeps in constant improvement.

Integrate Web Tokenize

Checkout API

This way of integrating allows you to connect directly with our APIs.

  • Become the owner of your experience. We give you absolute freedom to customize the experiences of your buyers and never leave your site.  

  • Your technical team has total control. They will be able to handle all sensitive data manipulation processes in the front-end where the payment request occurs.

Integrate Checkout API

How to offer interest-free installments

We created a tool so you can offer promotions of installments with no interest and make your business more appealing.

From your Mercado Pago account, in the section Offer interest-free installment, you can setup the number of installments you wish along with your financing cost.

Your customer pays no interest and you absorb the financing cost, therefore, please consider the financing costs of the installments you want.

Offer interest-free installments

How to manage customer sales on my site

In order to manage sellers and for them to be able to perform commercial transactions in your site, you must create a Marketplace.

A Marketplace is a site or app that allows you to make collections on behalf of sellers and charge a commission for each one if you wish. When a payment is generated, the money is instantly divided between your seller's account and yours.


The Mercado Pago commission will be deducted from the funds received by the seller. First, the Mercado Pago commission is discounted, and the Marketplace commission is deducted from the rest.

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