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Web Tokenize Checkout

What is tokenize?

Tokenization is the process by which a card number is encrypted securely.

With Mercado Pago Web Tokenize Checkout forget about the complexity of setting up your form for the selection of payment methods and tokenization. This simple integration provides you with a form with the design and the front-end ready.

Integrate Web Tokenize Checkout on your site to give your buyers a stylized experience that Mercado Pago keeps in constant improvement.

The sensitive data of the credit and debit cards are encrypted and stored by Mercado Pago (with its corresponding PCI compliance), without being transmitted to your servers.

Browsers Support

To ensure safe navigation and to comply with PCI regulations, the Web Tokenize Checkout provides a payment experience only in browsers that support the TLS 1.1 protocol or higher.

In the case that the buyer has an unsupported browser, they will be informed that they will not be able to make the purchase until they update it.

Desktop web

Browser Support
Chrome  Complete
Firefox  Complete
Internet Explorer 11
Edge  Complete
Safari  Complete
Opera  Complete

Mobile web

Browser Support
Chrome  Complete
Firefox  Complete
Windows Phone (Internet Explorer Mobile) No
Safari Mobile  Complete
Opera Mini Basic
Android Browser No

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