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Stores and POS


Stores and Points of Sale are the concepts you’ll use on Mercado Pago to manage your business and keep track of your accounts. You can have several POS in one Store.

Cajas y Sucursales


A physical shop in which your clients can get products and services. You can have multiple stores on one account.

What are the benefits of creating stores?

  • Tracking. Each pay will be linked with a store. This will be useful to obtain reconciliation reports and identify transactions per store.
  • Map Visibility. Stores will appear on Mercado Pago and Mercado Libre maps, so user will be able to find you.
  • Better organization for your POS.

How to create a store?

To create a store, is importante to declare name, working hours, location and an identifier.

Run the next code to generate a store:

curl -X POST$USER_ID/stores?access_token=PROD_ACCESS_TOKEN -d
   "name":"Store 1",
      "state_name":"Capital Federal",
      "reference":"3er Piso"

Learn more with our API reference.

  1. You must know your country_id of the country where you are in our API of countries.
  2. The state_name must match the states according to the country in question ($country_id).
  3. The city_name must match the cities according to their states. ($state_id).

Point of Sale (POS)

It is a point of sale that exists in a branch or physical store. Each POS will be linked with a unique QR code.

How to create a Point of Sale?

Once you created your stores, the next step is to generate your POS. Some considerations:

Term Description
EXTERNAL_STORE_ID Links a Point of Sale (POS) to a store. This is a required field and same as the Store external_id previously created.
EXTERNAL_ID Identifies each Point of Sale (POS). This is required and can’t be modified nor repeated on the same Mercado Pago account.
curl -X POST -d     
  "name":"Main Pos", 
  "fixed_amount": true,
  "category": 621102,
  "external_store_id": "STORE001",
  "external_id": "POS0001"

Learn more with our API Reference.

Once Point of Sale is created, you’ll be able to see the QR files in the Response section, along with other relevant data.

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