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Face to Face Sales with Point

You can boost your sales in the physical world by charging through the Mercado Pago Point device.

The Mercado Pago mobile application next to the Point allows you to charge securely with credit cards and debit cards. Its main functionalities are:

  • Charge using a collection reference so you can reconcile it.

  • Maintain a catalog of products to expedite the sale.

Your sellers using the Mercado Pago mobile application pass the customer's card through the Point and they charge. So you can offer in your stores physical installments without interest and the benefits offered by Mercado Pago.

To be able to charge, it is necessary that you acquire the Mercado Pago Point device:

Buy Point

Also, you must download the App from the store of your mobile phone:

Android Play Store iOS App Store

There are different ways that you can charge through Mercado Pago Point:

  • Charging in a non-integrated way. The seller enters the concept and amount of the transaction manually. Then slide the buyer's card through the Point device, enter the CVV, the owner of the signature card on the screen of the mobile device and then finish the operation.

  • Integrating your application the mode of charges via Point. Your application generates a payment order with the amount and a description and calls the Mercado Pago application so that the seller directly slides the payer's card and cash. Once the payment is processed, it is returned to your application.

  • Integrating to your management system the modality of charges via Point. From your system, a collection order is generated with the amount, a description and the device that you want to receive the order. The Mercado Pago application will automatically be lifted so that the seller can directly slip the payer's card and pay. Once the payment is processed, the order will be closed.

Based on your business model, you can choose one of the options or combine them to offer your customers a good shopping experience in your physical stores.

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