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Mercado Pago Gateway: Checkout Mercado Pago


Have already integrated the Checkout Mercado Pago


There is only one necessary change to support the Gateway Model in the Checkout Mercado Pago: add the processing_modes attribute when you create a preference:

  $preference = new MercadoPago\Preference();
  $item = new MercadoPago\Item();
  $item->title = 'Mi producto';
  $item->quantity = 1;
  $item->unit_price = 100.0;
  $preference->items = array($item);
  $preference->$processing_modes = array('gateway');

Done! Your Checkout Mercado Pago is now working in the Gateway Model.

Hybrid model: the Checkout Mercado Pago doesn't support this mode yet. We are working to have this option soon. We'll let you know when is available to use.

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