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Mercado Pago Gateway: Introduction

Commercial contact required

This product is only available through prior contact with one of our executives.

What is it?

Mercado Pago Gateway is an operation model that allows your business to process credit and debit card payments with your own merchant IDs (also known as merchant of record). In this model, Mercado Pago offers you all its technology and sturdiness to operate with your own commercial agreements with acquirers or issuers.

Which are the main differences with the normal Mercado Pago?

To the normal Mercado Pago, the one you are probably more used to, in the payment industry is known as an Aggregator Model. The commercial agreements with acquirers and issuers are handled by the Aggregator: Mercado Pago. The sellers registered in the platform are added or subscribe to the usage of those agreements.

The Aggregator Model is the one offered by default in Mercado Pago unless the seller qualifies (view requisites below) to operate in the Gateway Model.

Main differences between the two models:

Trait Aggregator Model Gateway Model
Fraud Prevention (Scoring) ✔ (*)
Fraud Prevention (Manual Review) ✔ (*)
Reconciliation (with Mercado Pago)
Reconciliation (with Acquirers & Issuers) Included Not offered
Financing (Installments & Promotions) Included Not applicable
Chargebacks (Management) Included Not offered
Chargebacks (Coverage) Included Not offered

(*) Optional

Are there any differences in the technical integration?

Yes, there are some differences, but they are minor.

If you are starting a new business we recommend starting with the Aggregator Model. Once your business grows consider moving to the Gateway Model. The fact the the technical changes are small, allows you to change your model without incurring in high efforts or costs.

Hybrid mode (Aggregator + Gateway)

The integration with Mercado Pago also allows you to operate in a hybrid mode, unique in latin-america. With the same integration you will be able to offer all Mercado Pago's payment methods and promotions in Aggregator Model plus your own in the Gateway Model, giving your customers the largest offering in means of payments and financing.

Requisites to operate in the Gateway Model

If you are currently operating with Mercado Pago

  • Get in touch with your sales representative.

Service costs

The service costs in the Gateway Model are negotiated one on one. The cost depends on the seller's monthly payment volume.

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