Mercado Pago's release notes 2020

Each release note describes the new changes applying to a version. This changes may include:

  • API updates: added, modified or deleted resources,parameters or fields in our APIs.

  • New products or features: Launch of tools which will help you accept payments seamlessly.

  • Annoucements: News related to any of our products or future changes.

  • Documentation updates: Guides, references and tutorials to help you monetize your business by integrating Mercado Pago.

January 9th, 2020

If you have advertising campaigns for your business, it is important that you can follow them and see if they are helping you to realize sales. In order to improve them and make it more efficient, we add the possibility of associating a Facebook Pixel and a Google Ads conversion tracking tag to the payments of your Mercado Pago Checkout.

Start now measuring the conversion of your ads.

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