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Payment experience

In addition to the settings above, you will find different options related to your store's payment experience, depending on the type of checkout you have chosen to configure. Check below the main features you can offer.

Remember that the availability of the settings described below is related to the type of checkout selected.
  1. Activate checkout: Select Yes to enable the experience of Mercado Pago on your store's checkout.

  2. Title: Keep the default text or change it to your own. This text will be displayed at the checkout, along with the payment options.

  3. Payment methods: Choose the payment methods you want to offer.

  4. Convert Currency: Activate this option so that the currency value configured in WooCommerce matches the currency value you use in Mercado Pago.

  5. Max of installments: Select the maximum installments you want to offer in your store.

  6. Payment experience: Select between Redirect and Modal. In Redirect, customers will be redirected to a Mercado Pago page with the payment form to complete the purchase. In Modal, customers will have access to the Mercado Pago payment form without leaving your store.

  7. Return to the store: Select whether or not you want the customer to automatically return to your store after completing the payment.

  8. Success URL / Payment URL rejected / Payment URL peding: If you want to build a URL and customize the return page for the 3 statuses informed, just enter them in the requested field.

  9. Binary mode: Activate when you don't want to leave payments in pending or review status. With binary mode, payments will be accepted or declined automatically.

  10. Discount coupons: Select whether or not you want to offer discount coupons in your store.

  11. Reduce inventory: Select Yes if you want the product to be taken out of stock during order creation, regardless of whether the payment is approved or not. Otherwise, keep No to have the product withdrawn from stock only when payment is approved.

  12. Discounts per purchase with Mercado Pago: Set a percentage discount amount for customers who pay with Mercado Pago.

  13. Commission for purchase with Mercado Pago: Set an additional percentage amount that you want to charge as a fee to your customers for paying with Mercado Pago.

  14. Payment with saved cards: Allows customers to buy with their card details saved at Mercado Pago, without having to fill in card details at the store checkout.