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Logs verification

Logs provide the teams with a greater understanding so that they can have a better support in the first instance, since they allow to review the information returned in the integration of Mercado Pago with VTEX, allowing a better understanding of what happened with a transaction.

Also, in case of modification or activation of new payment methods, they give us the possibility to validate that everything is working as planned.

To access the logs, access the administration panel of your VTEX store, and click on Payments > Transactions, then look for the log that contains the status response and click on "+ Information". The most significant data is the following:

ID10302316Mercado Pago transaction number.
Payment_method_idvisaPayment method.
Payment_type_idcredit_cardMPayment method.
StatusauthorizedPayment status.
Status_detailpending_capturePayment status detail.
External_reference503451VTEX identifier sent to Mercado Pago.
First_six_digits450995Credit card Bin.
Processing_modeagregadorPayment processing method.
This document explains in detail how to check for errors or problems in a transaction.

In case of a rejection, it is very important to check the status_detail that specifies the reason for it.

For more information, access the link Results of the creation of a position.