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Errors list

The following are common errors that can occur during your integration:

unauthorized_use_of_live_credentialsThis means that the Mercado Pago account credentials are not activated. You must go to the credentials page and activate them.
invalid installmentsThis means that you're attempting to process the payment with a rate that is not enabled. You must go to the configuration of the payment method and set the rates to "Automatic".
invalid_usersYou are attempting to pay with the same user that you are charging with. Please retry payment with a different payer email.
Cannot infer Payment MethodYou are attempting to pay with a card that is not the selected card type (for example, a credit card number has been entered for the debit card option).
Invalid users involvedThis occurs when productive credentials are used in a test environment or vice versa. Example: Using a test email on the "payer" node while using the production credential of a real user.
Before starting your production operation, you must activate your credentials.

For more information, visit the VTEX official site and the VTEX status site.