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Test your integration

Create test users

Use test accounts to ensure that your integration supports all possible flows and scenarios. They have the same features as a real Mercado Pago account, which allows you to test the functioning of the integrations you are developing.

To perform the test, you must have at least two accounts:

  • Seller: account required to configure application and credentials. This is your user account.
  • Buyer: account required to test the purchase process.

In addition to these accounts, it is also important to use test cards to test payment integration and simulate the purchase process, as well as balance in the test user's Mercado Pago account. See more details below.

To create accounts and test how the integrations work, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Devsite, navigate to Your integrations and click on the card corresponding to your application.
  2. On the application page, go to the Test accounts section and click the + Create test account button.
  3. In the "Create new account" screen, enter a description for the account identification. Example: "Seller - Store 1".
  4. Next, select the operating country for the account. This information cannot be edited later, and furthermore, the Buyer and Seller users need to be from the same country.
  5. Fill in with a fictional money value that will serve as a reference for testing your applications. This value will appear as the balance in the Mercado Pago account of the test user and can be used for payment simulation, just like with the test cards.
  6. Authorize the use of your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and ensure that your account uses Mercado Pago's tools in accordance with the Terms and Conditions by checking the checkbox.
  7. Click on Create test account.
Use of credentials
Always use the production credentials when working with a test user.
You can generate up to 15 test user accounts simultaneously, and for now, it is not possible to delete them.

Done! The test account has been created and will be displayed in the table with the following information:

  • Country: Origin location of the account selected in your registration.
  • Account identification: Description for the test account identification.
  • User: Automatically generated username of the test account. This is the username used to log in with the test user.
  • Password: Automatically generated password to access the test user account. To generate a new password, click on the vertical ellipsis (three dots) at the end of the table row and select the Generate new password option.
  • Created on: Date when the test account was created.
To edit the account identification or add more fictional money to test your applications, click on the vertical ellipsis (three dots) at the end of the table row and select the Edit data option.

You can generate up to 15 test user accounts simultaneously, and for now, it is not possible to delete them.

Test cards

You can use test cards of local payment methods and simulate different payment responses, without the need to use a real card.

For this, depending on your country, use one of the credit or debit cards we provide below..

Credit cards

CardNumberSecurity codeExpiration date
Mastercard5031 7557 3453 060412311/25
Visa4509 9535 6623 370412311/25
American Express3711 803032 57522123411/25

Debit cards

CardNumberSecurity codeExpiration date
Mastercard5287 3383 1025 330412311/25
Visa4002 7686 9439 561912311/25

To test different payment results, fill in the desired status in the cardholder's name:

Payment StatusDescriptionIdentity document
APROApproved payment(DNI) 12345678
OTHEDeclined for general error(DNI) 12345678
CONTPending payment-
CALLDeclined with validation to authorize-
FUNDDeclined for insufficient amount-
SECUDeclined for invalid security code-
EXPIDeclined due to due date issue-
FORMDeclined due to form error-

Test payment process

1. Assign an order to a checkout using your seller user.

To test the attended model, generate an order with the test user credentials you want to use as a seller and send an order to the previously created QR.

2. Make a payment with your buyer user.

  • A. Sign Mercado Pago App in with your buyer test user.
  • B. Click on Pay with QR and scan the POS QR code.
  • C. Choose a saved card or enter data of a new one, and pay.

3. Receive order notifications

Lastly, make sure you’ve received a status notification in your system. And it's done!